Experienced and Professional

Infant to Pre-K. We teach Patience, Kindness & Kindergarten Readiness.


It is the philosophy of Fenton Academy Early Learning Center, to develop functional building blocks of learning through individualized care. To be successful in everyday life, children must achieve social competence and meet education goals as well as learn to be kind and caring to those around them. It is our responsibility and privilege to guide children in the discovery and interpretation of their world, during these block years. So welcome to Fenton Academy, where your child’s Journey in life has just begun


In accordance with our mission and philosophy, Fenton Academy is a play-based program. We believe children learn by doing. Our curriculum is carefully designed to provide engaging, developmentally appropriate activities. We want to create learning activities to match the child's ability and interest. We want each child to develop positive attitudes about themselves as learners; to feel successful, creative, confident and capable. Our curriculum is themed, literature and centered based. 


Every part of you has yet to grow. From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. You started out but a tiny seed. Helping you blossom is our honor indeed. -MR